Web Radio and Video Media Streaming Solutions

radiaki.com is a media streaming provider (audio for web radio and video for web tv websites).We provide professional solutions for streaming everything from anywhere to any device (pc-mac-tablets-mobiles)Lets see our services ….


Radio streaming servers with unlimited traffic,auto dj,and control panel.Packs start from 128 kbps and 150 listeners for 10 euro/month .We provide full support for all customers free of charge !!!radiaki’s powerful Web Automation and DJ Management features will make sure that there are no gaps in your audio stream, tracks and shows will cross-fade smoothly.

Video streaming servers Flash Rtmp ,to support H264 for happy video streaming to anywhere you want pc,tablets,mobiles.Best quality and full support to anyone of our customers.We provide also dedicated and resellers video streaming packs.Video streaming is the future of internet.

Professional Hosting services with low prices and big secure.We can create and design any project you have in your mind with full support.Fell free to contact us with your project and very soon we ll answer you with our best offer.Our team have programers,designers,video makers and anyone else needed for any project…..Stay connected :)

We recommend to you to buy  the best software for Radio or video streaming.

Formats include AAC, aacPlus, AAC-HE, MP3, mp3PRO, Ogg and Windows Media. Servers include CheapestStream.com, SpacialNet.com, Shoutcast v1, Shoutcast v2, Icecast and Windows Media.

a7d4b8d2c3f8a51ab89c10603e68c543XSplit Broadcaster is a revolutionary audio/video mixing application that allows anyone to create professional quality live broadcasts and video recordings using a simple and intuitive interface that anyone can master.

wirecast-icon-headerCapture unlimited number of input devices from live camera feeds,

NEW! iOS 8 cameras, computer desktop, web feeds and more.Use the built in multiformat encoding capabilities and easily stream to integrated streaming services and CDNs.

Demo radio

Radio Example

Demo video

Video Example

Download and setup this free software from Adobe

This is nice solution for first steps

Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder 3.2 live audio and video capture software is a media encoder that streams audio and video in real time to Adobe Media Server software or Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS). This software can enable the broadcast of live events such as sporting events, webcasts, or concerts — around the clock.More…..


3D world creation full pack

(server,instalation open sim,in world building,avatars skin and shapes,animation,objects,scripting)We have the first Greek metaverse ,the first Greek Virtual world as example.Yoy can visit it from here




Fully customzed websites tailored to the customers needs & wishes. Comes with logos & all graphics included..For more details contact us

We can do script installation, email marketing, logos, tutoring, we are a one stop shop for web development. No job too small or too large…For more details contact us

We provide for all customers full suport (with teamviewer also) free of charge..For more details contact us

autodjWe have 3 basic radio streaming packs.basic radio , Silver radio , Gold radio . You ll have control panel with many futures like ..1.) Graphical Listeners Statistics: Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Yearly on advanced charts.
2.) Live Listener & Radio Statistics: This feature is for online radios, it shows up to 20 last played songs including, now playing song name, online listeners, radio details and many other details online.
3.) Listeners on Google Map: This feature shows radio listeners on Google Maps with geographical location with a full screen focusing including country and city of the listener. It also has other details of listeners such as the program they listen the radio with, country flag and many more.
4. ) Traffic & Bandwidth: Detailed bandwidth/traffic usage on charts with Monthly + Yearly statistics.You ll have the best AutoDJ management feature of all times. It is fully designed with Ajax and Jquery. It works with advanced “Playlist System”. You can create a playlist and upload music files, then you can create an AutoDJ with a single click to stream music to your radio. On the root side you can list all AutoDJs on the server and manage them.

The AutoDJ feature is available on all interfaces, it has shuffle, automix, mp3 and AAC+ encoders, IDV3v2 tag support. The best part of radiaki AutoDJ system is the changes and updates to your AutoDJ. You will never drop your listeners from your radio during your AutoDJ changes. Would you like to read more amazing features about our AutoDJ system? How about changing song play orders and song names live without dropping listeners?Would you like to take the stream as a DJ and play your music without stopping AutoDJ and dropping listeners? Yes you can have these features with WHMSonic at your service, and much more is included in our AutoDJ system. Try and enjoy, and explore the rest of the features today.Radiakihas powerful playlist manager to manage your songs for AutoDJ.

You can create unlimited playlists . You have full control of your music files, you can drag&drop a song to change its play orders, you can delete and upload multiple music files at the same time through your browser. You can change your song names on your playlist, so you dont have to re-upload your song files, which will save you a lot of time. You can edit/update IDV3v2 tags on your playlist manager. You can also upload music files by FTP and then click the reload playlist link to activate your new mp3 files. How about not dropping a single listener from your radio while doing all these things? Yes! You have that chance , you can change the song play orders and AutoDJ will detect it automatically without dropping your listeners. You can easily prepare your playlist to play intros/advertisements by putting songs between playlist song list and you can do this by Drag&Drop feature just by clicking a few times.

radiaki_live_videoRTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) is a system for delivering on-demand and live media to Adobe Flash applications (like the JW Player). RTMP supports video in MP4 and FLV and audio in AAC and MP3. RTMP offers several advantages over regular HTTP video downloads: RTMP can do live streaming, so people can watch your video while it is being recorded. RTMP can do dynamic streaming, where the video quality automatically adjusts to changes in bandwidth.Players can seek to later parts in a video, which is particularly useful for files > 10 minutes. Players maintains a tiny buffer, instead of downloading a video during playback, saving bandwidth.In order to use RTMP, your host or CDN needs to have a dedicated RTMP server installed. There are 3 major offerings, Basic Video Streaming , Silver Video Streaming and Gold video Streaming servers

radiakiradiaki offers servers with full admin rights and root access. With all our products you have complete freedom to manage your server to your liking and install any programs on it. We do not offer you web space packages, but rather root servers in the form of dedicated servers and VPS. Each server has its own IP address, and you have the freedom to choose from various operating system distributions. If desired, you also get the latest version of the Parallels Plesk Panel for free for your server administration, or you can use cPanel for a surcharge (not available for some OS). In addition, the radiaki PowerPanel offers you many free features: Manage your customer data, use the support ticket system, restart your server in Restore mode, etc.There are 3 plans for Dedicated servers.Basic Dedicated Server , Silver Dedicated Server and Gold dedicated server

1304009349-50The VPS from Radiaki allows you to control independently a virtual server. It is a good way to enter the Cloud world to get a total freedom at an unequaled quality / price rapport. Concretely, you will enjoy dedicated ressources (processor, RAM, Disk space) and administrator access. You will be able to install all the applications of your choice on your own virtual machine. Also, you can increase its power in ONLY a few clicks without reinstalling your machine. VPS hosting is the ideal tool to begin in server administration and follow your activity growth.

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